A New Look Can Be A New Lease Of Life

A New Look Can Be A New Lease Of Life

It’s easy to feel like you are stuck in a rut. You may be taking the same trip to the same job, then taking your breaks at the same time and then going back home the same way again. This is enough to give you the feeling of being on a treadmill and wondering how you lost your sense of spark.

The worst feeling is when you look in the mirror and see the same face looking back at you and only finding fault with the way you appear. Perhaps you’ve had your hair in the same style for a long time. It could be that you wear a similar set of clothes and even the newer outfits fit the same mould. 

By altering the color of your surroundings, which is made possible by altering the color of your eyes, you can give yourself a new perspective on what is conceivable.

This is where and why the popularity of colored contact lenses has continued to grow year by year. 

Getting that spark of inspiration 

It may sound strange or overblown to say that changing your appearance can change the way you feel and the way you carry yourself. Numerous studies show that even a small tweak to your external appearance can lead to a greater change in your life.

A simple alteration or update to the way you look can give you the bravery you need to make more substantial changes in your life. That change to your personal style runs deeper than most people realise and has the ability to lead to different choices, different approaches to life and inspire action in making behavioural and important personal changes. Rather than feeling stuck, sluggish and dissatisfied with life, a person who changes their appearance can find the necessary energy and motivation to make lasting changes to the way they live.

This is when some people think that something as simple as changing the colour of your eyes can’t seriously be a force with which to change someone’s life. 

With the immediate and significant change that comes with wearing new colored contacts, a person is able to both literally and metaphorically see themselves in a different light. 

Gone are the ideas of being stuck in the same rut and of looking at the same uninspired face in the mirror. With a fresh pair of colored eye contacts working for them, that person is more likely to be open to new possibilities and even to show another side to their personality. 

It is a little like having the licence to be more bold, more confident and possibly more playful in certain social situations. Just by being able to draw more attention, a person can be free to pay more attention to the new way they feel and benefit from the energy that is being directed their way.

This feeling can be taken a step further when someone wears costume contact lenses to a party or special event. The whole getting dressed up – even in fancy dress – allows that person to get out of their comfort zone and even play a different role for a time.

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Finding your own sense of style 

The most obvious hurdle to someone being able to discover their own style sense is the constant questioning part of our personalities. This is when a negative voice can often be heard and it is one which is resistant to change.

One of the key elements to being able to change your style is to be open. There is no need to worry about what will or won’t work for you before you even start the process because the answer to your concerns is all around you. 

You could ask a trusted friend what they think about your style or you could simply sit down and make a note of what you would ideally love to change about your look.

If you are finding it hard to get any inspiration, the good news is that there is a whole world of different options out there and a variety of ideas are available to you on the internet. Whilst you might not agree with all the different ideas that come your way, you have the ability to pick and choose what you think will work for you. 

Test-driving your new appearance 

With something as basic as trying out a new pair of coloured lenses, you can wear them for even just a few hours and see the reaction you get. If you have any second thoughts, then choosing daily lenses is a great way to start your transformation. 

By choosing a few different colours, you have the chance to change your look each day or even twice a day. You can wear one set during the daytime and another completely different colour for the night hours. 

The added beauty is that you don’t need to tell anyone what you have done. You can simply sit back and see the reaction for yourself from both friends and acquaintances as well as strangers. This is a great barometer for seeing yourself outside of yourself because more often than not, you can even forget that you are wearing different coloured lenses.

There is a wonderful opportunity to make either a subtle or significant change to your look by choosing a shade that is close to your natural eye colouring or one that is drastically different. 

Cue the changes to your new look 

One way to look at how easy it is to change your look is to think of a spare room in your home.

You may leave it as it is and take it as an unused space or one for simple storage of unneeded or unwanted items. 

What if you were to change that room into something for fun and enjoyment like a games room? You could add in a pool table and deck out the space accordingly. You could even include all the pool table accessories or  snooker accessories you want to show that you are serious about enjoying that room.

Your mind is a similar place in that there are dormant and unused (or even suppressed) ideas of what you would like to do. 

Maybe opening up your mind to being more playful and finding the right accessories to help make that happen can be all the inspiration you need to find that new lease of life.

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